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"I Thought No One Would Ever Love Me" & "Ode to Bed Wetting" in Tupelo Quarterly.

"Hit It" in Georgia Review.

"Costumes Required" and "Sensual Vocabulary" in Ninth Letter.

"The Devil Chains Me to the Microphone" in Witness. 

"Costumes Required" and "Sensual Vocabulary" featured in Ninth Letter.


"Tennessee Wedding on VHS" featured at AGNI.


"Golden Age Drinking" and "Our Books, Our Books" featured at Fogged Clarity.


"A Red Tricycle in the Belly of the Pool," "Before Anything Happened the House Had No Skeleton" and "I Have to Go Back to 1994 and Kill a Girl" featured at the Poetry Foundation.


"Love in the Age of Bar Paraphernalia" and "California King" in the 16th anniversary issue of Stirring.


"It is Easier" at Drunken Boat.


"When Someone Says I Love You" re-featured at The LIterary Review.


"Though She Said it Was Only a Fishing Village" featured in Interrupture.


"Bomb Threat" featured in Sixth Finch.


"Of all the Dead People I Know" at The Rumpus.



"Paradise Verite" featured in in 2018's March Shredness (a literary/musical tournament where writers went head-to-head with essays in defense of hair metal hits!)

"How One Sexy Can Perplex Me: Me & Mr. Vain" featured in 2017's March Fadness (a literary/musical tournament where writers go head-to-head with essays in defense of 90s one-hit wonders!) 

"The Top 16 Sexiest Lit Mag Covers in the Last 6 Years" featured at Gulf Coast Online.

"Panic! At the AWP Disco" featured at Gulf Coast Online.

"My Top 5 Quick & Dirty Submission Tips" featured at Gulf Coast Online.


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